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New Series: Monday’s Marriage Minute

I’ve been floating around a couple of ideas for my first series on the blog. One idea was to share a short video each week that gives you a peek into our marriage. I couldn’t stop thinking about that one … Continue reading

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I’m Angry at My Anger

On Friday, after a long day at work, I barely opened the door when an awful smell filled my senses. I wanted to think my assumption was false, but as I approached the bedroom door, I knew it wasn’t. With my … Continue reading

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Nominated for Top 10 Marriage Blog

I am shocked and honored that folks think my marriage blog should be in the Top 10! A lot of the blogs on the list tell you how to improve your marriage and if you read this blog, you know … Continue reading

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Pampered by My Prince After an Awful Day at Work

Recently, work has been less than pleasurable. Last week I had one of the worst days yet. I left work beyond frustrated and upset. I talked to Casey as I drove to my kickboxing class. He must have sensed that … Continue reading

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Temporary Marriages: The 2 Year Test

Mexico City is sick of divorce. They’ve proposed a solution to help reduce divorce. Try your spouse out for 2 years. Not satisfied? No problem. After 2 years you’ll have a choice, commit to your marriage for good or walk … Continue reading

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Casey gets sick. Minny gets fleas. Shana goes crazy.

On Friday Casey started complaining about a sore throat and drainage. I was immediately on alert. Like most men, when Casey gets sick, it’s like he’s the only person in the world that’s ever been sick. Usually, I don’t mind … Continue reading

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What Happened to Kim and Kris?

Back in April I talked about fairy tale weddings and how you never get to see the so-called ‘happily ever after’ in movies because it doesn’t exist (and would be boring to watch). Recently, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, married … Continue reading

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