How God Planned Our Wedding

If I ever had any doubt that God had planned long before Casey and I were ever born for us to marry (See Psalm 139), I don’t now. God has truly provided for us during the short time we have been engaged. Planning a wedding is never easy, but it does not make it any easier to plan one in five months with a limited budget. Just the thought of it stressed me out. Casey and I have been humbling ourselves before God in prayer often, and He has answered with a cherry on top (so to speak).


Our first concern was finding a place to have our wedding. We knew we wanted to get married at our church, but had heard that it was almost impossible. So we began looking at other venues for a wedding and reception. Although some seemed promising, there was always something that would not work. Either our weekend was booked, it was too expensive, they required us to use their caterer, the capacity was too low, there was not an elevator or any number of other issues. It was just getting discouraging when we found a place that would work wonderfully, but we would need to find a separate location to host the ceremony. We had marriage counseling that week and our pastor, Ray, told us who we needed to contact to find out about having a wedding at our church. Two days later I sent in an email pleading our case. Casey and I began asking our friends for lots of prayer about our desire to have an outdoor wedding at our church home, and were on our knees ourselves in prayer. (See Philippians 4:6)

We received a phone call on Wednesday from the church. We COULD have our wedding at fellowship by the pond, just like we wanted. God has answered our prayer. The cherry on top? We would also be given a wedding coordinator to help us plan the big day. Having never planned a wedding before, this was a HUGE blessing. Is that not enough proof that God is AHH-MAZING? I have more. We could EVEN have our reception at church. Our hope was to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, but did not even consider that as an option for our church. Isn’t it amazing how we ask God for apples and he gives us a whole orchard? Although this good news on Wednesday was INCREDIBLE, it came on the heels of another powerful night.


I had been searching for the perfect, affordable wedding gown. Trips to three stores and numerous phone calls to stores that had nothing in my price range had taken the fun out of dress shopping for me and left me frustrated. I had come to terms with the idea that I wasn’t going to find the ‘one’ dress that I would fall in love with like every bride does, and I was not going to be able to afford a new dress. Tuesday after work I went to Bridal Warehouse in Goodlettsville on to try on dresses. Between myself and my two friends that were with me, I had acquired about twenty dresses to try on. It was the first one I was given to try on. It wasn’t my size, but it was almost a perfect fit. I feel in love with it the moment I put it on and compared every dress that followed to that one. I often did not even get the dress buttoned, laced or zipped before I had rejected it. After trying on almost all of the dresses, I put the first one back on. The seamstress came up to tell me how much some minor alterations would be and then I decided for sure that this was ‘the’ dress. If I bought the sample dress off the floor, it would be in my budget. When the seamstress left, I noticed something unusual about the dress that would need to be fixed. The sales lady was unable to find the seamstress that had just been with us, but she was able to find the manager who used to be a seamstress. The manager said that it could not be repaired and I would have to order a new dress. My heart sank. I knew I could not afford the increased cost of ordering a new dress, and even if I could, the dress would likely not arrive in time for my fast approaching wedding (a problem I had already encountered at other stores). When I mentioned my concerns to the manager she immediately told me that she would order me a brand new dress for the same price as the damaged sample dress I had on. WOW! My wedding date concerned her, but she checked her computers and OF COURSE, the dress would be in by mid-February, just in time for a March wedding. Isn’t God AWESOME! He not only led me to a dress that truly evoked the ‘this is the one’ feeling for me, but he made it possible for me to have a brand new dress within my budget.

Silly to think that my wedding dress matters to God, but He never ceases to show me how much He cares for me. My Heavenly Father wants me to have the wedding of my dreams just like an earthly father would want for his daughter. There have not been many other times that I can remember feeling as much like God’s precious daughter as I do now. (See John 1:11-13)


How else has He provided? He has blessed us with the officiant and caterer of our choice, Ray and Robyn. He answered our prayer for guidance on selecting our wedding date. Just last week it became clear through availability of the church venues that we were suppose to have our wedding on Friday, March 26, 2010 even though we preferred Saturday or Sunday. What is so awesome about God leading us to that day? On Thursday, March 26, 2009 Casey first asked me if he could pursue me to date me. We will share our first kiss exactly one year after he officially began pursuing me.

Oh and remember that place we had found that would work for our reception before we found out we could have it at the church? It just happens to be booked on Friday night, but is available Thursday to host our rehearsal dinner 🙂


Here are some things that I’ve been reminded about God’s character during this time.

  • God WILL provide because he loves us, and wants what is best for us. (See Jeremiah 29:11)

And it has all been a humbling reminder that our wedding day is God’s day. It is our opportunity to share His story through our testimonies. It is our opportunity to share what He has done in us and through us. It is our opportunity to make a commitment to Him and begin a marriage that exemplifies Christ’s love for us. I am honored to have such a privilege. (See Isaiah 62:5 and Revelation 9:17)

Check out our wedding website HERE.

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