Sitting in a Funk

In marriage there are ebbs and flows, up and downs. It can be very confusing and frustrating. Casey and I have been in what he likes to call “a funk” for the last couple of weeks. We just keep missing each other and can’t seem to connect at all.

These funks usually don’t last this long which has been pretty discouraging. Usually, recognizing the fact that we are having a rough go at it helps us move out of  it, but man are we stuck this time. When we are in these funks, it seems everything Casey does gets on my nerve. Bothersome habits that he has have now become unnerving. Little spats become full-fledged arguments.

Casey Dipping Me

Wedding Day Dip

Prime example. Saturday night. Dancing at a rehearsal dinner. We’re trying to show off our moves to a couple sweet little old ladies. The song comes close to an end and I feel Casey leading me into a dip. It took Casey a long time to get me to trust him enough to let him deep me, but this night, I wasn’t feeling it. In fact I was embarrassed. I said no. We stood there going back and forth.

Shana: “I’m embarrassed. I’m not going to let you dip me.”
Casey: “You need to let me lead. I’m going to dip you.”
Shana: “No Casey. I don’t want to be dipped.”
Casey: “I’m dipping you. Let me dip you.”

By this time, we were well into the next song which I think was something like the Cha Cha Slide. Casey was still insisting on dipping me. I was still defiant.

Needless to say that night didn’t end well. ::Deep Sigh::

Yup. Ready for this funk to be over.

About Shana Bresnahan Interactive media evangelist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center that truly loves life, loves God and loves others. Wife to Casey. Owner of Minny. Aunt to 11. Advocate of transparency. (Opinions my own)
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